Some Tips to Lighten Your Luggage

A bulky suitcase can quickly become a nightmare and a source of stress you could do without during your holidays. On the contrary, traveling light allows you to enjoy your vacation more: fewer risks of excess baggage fees at the airport, more mobility and flexibility, and a sense of letting go of everyday objects. Here are some tips to lighten your luggage and gain space and peace of mind!

Choose Your Luggage Wisely

A quick trip to a luggage store will show you that the weight of luggage can vary significantly. Bags are obviously the lightest, most weighing around 1 kg. If you prefer a suitcase, be mindful of its weight when purchasing to avoid burdening yourself with unnecessary kilos. Some suitcases weigh up to 5 kilos! This is a crucial factor to consider, especially since cabin weight is often limited to 10 kilos and 23 kilos for checked baggage. It’s better to opt for a lightweight container that leaves room for your contents. However, since weight and durability are often linked, you’ll need to decide where to place your priority.

Don’t Pack Too Many Clothes

Packing too many outfits and returning with unworn clothes is a classic mistake. Avoid the mindset of “just in case” or “you never know.” Unless you’re attending a gala, you probably won’t need your evening gown or suit on vacation. Even for basics like sweaters, t-shirts, pants, and underwear, there’s no need to bring a whole wardrobe. Doing laundry while traveling is possible almost anywhere in the world and is inexpensive, whether with soap or at a laundromat. Obviously, for short stays, it’s better to bring enough changes of clothes to avoid dealing with these logistical matters.

Limit the Number of Shoes

The same advice applies to shoes. They are even more cumbersome than clothes because they are bulky, not always flexible, and often fragile. A pair of boots or high-heeled shoes, for example, can significantly increase the weight of your suitcase and take up a lot of space. The ideal way to lighten your luggage is to bring two pairs of shoes: one suitable for daytime activities and another more comfortable pair for the evening. On vacation, it’s better to have one or two pairs of shoes in which you feel comfortable than a regiment of shoes that you will barely wear.

Wear Your Heaviest Items

Be strategic: to avoid weighing down your luggage, wear your heaviest items when you board the plane! This advice applies to shoes as well as clothing. Travelers going hiking should wear their hiking boots, which generally weigh a lot. Similarly, if you’re heading to cold countries, don’t hesitate to wear your down jackets, fleece, etc. At worst, you might get some curious looks; at best, you’ll save euros and kilos. The calculation is simple, isn’t it?

Minimizing Your Hygiene Products

The idea is not to neglect personal hygiene while traveling, but since the toiletry kit is one of the heaviest components in your suitcase, there are ways to lighten it. To reduce your luggage weight, start by opting for travel-sized containers to avoid taking full-sized bottles. You can easily find small bottles in stores to transfer your favorite shampoo or soap. Also, consider using sample products given during purchases; it’s the perfect occasion to use them! Another effective solution is to buy your products once you arrive at your destination. This might not be more expensive depending on the location and is very economical in terms of space and weight.

Sharing Equipment

If you’re traveling with friends or family, share certain items or products before leaving to avoid everyone bringing their own and thus carrying unnecessary duplicates. Of course, clothes, shoes, etc., are personal, but some items can be shared. Think about hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and even sunscreen, as well as accessories like travel guides, IGN maps, dictionaries, cameras… These are all items that don’t need to be duplicated.

Check Your Accommodation

Depending on the accommodation you choose, you might not need to bring certain items. If it’s not specified in your reservation confirmation, ask your hotel or bed and breakfast if they provide amenities like a hairdryer, towels, etc. Obviously, if you’re staying in a youth hostel or camping, there’s a greater chance you’ll need to bring your own gear. For towels, consider microfiber towels, which take up much less space and have the advantage of drying very quickly.

Go Digital

Sure, nothing will ever replace a good paper travel guide that you can flip through and highlight at will. A printed guide is welcome when you’re visiting a city or country. However, when the destinations multiply, the guides can quickly become cumbersome! The same goes for books and novels you pack for leisure reading. Instead of bringing your entire library, opt for an e-reader to save a considerable amount of space.

Get your suitcases out and pack your things without worry. You are now unbeatable on the best ways to lighten your luggage.

Traveling light is not just about reducing physical weight; it’s also about embracing a more carefree and flexible mindset, allowing you to enjoy your journey to the fullest. By choosing the right luggage, packing only essential clothing and shoes, sharing equipment with your travel companions, and leveraging digital solutions, you can significantly reduce your baggage load. Remember to check your accommodation amenities to avoid unnecessary packing and consider buying hygiene products at your destination to save space. With these tips, you are well-prepared to embark on your next adventure with ease and serenity. So, pack smart, travel light, and make the most of every moment of your trip. Bon voyage!

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